About EuroMRD

EuroMRD is a global network of >65 MRD-PCR laboratories that organizes MRD Quality Assessment programs and develops new MRD strategies and guidelines.

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RQ-PCR MRD guidelines

EuroMRD has developed guidelines for the interpretation of RQ-PCR MRD data.

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EuroMRD participantship

MRD-PCR laboratories can apply for a EuroMRD participantship if they meet a number of requirements.

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EHA specialized working group logo

ESLHO, together with the independent scientific foundations EuroFlow, EuroClonality and EuroMRD, is an official EHA Specialized Working Group (SWG).

EuroMRD Consortium Announces Two New Publications

On behalf of the EuroMRD Consortium, Vincent van der Velden and Michaela Kotrova have achieved to produce two new publications. The benchmark manuscripts ‘Analysis of measurable residual disease by IG/TR gene rearrangements: QA and updated EuroMRD guidelines’ and ‘The gray area of RQ-PCR-based measurable residual disease: subdividing the positive, below quantitative range (PBQR) category’ have recently been published in Leukemia.

You can find them in our List of Publications

Open ESLHO Symposium on November 7th in Lisbon

ESLHO organizes the 13th ESLHO Symposium on the 7th of November in LIsbon, Portugal. At the Convento do Beato, renowned speakers from the ESLHO Consortia, EuroFlow, EuroClonality and EuroMRD will share their knowledge on Multi-omics approaches for diagnosis and monitoring of hematological malignancies.

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Education & Mentoring award 2024 at the EHA

We are very proud of Prof. Jan Trka, co-chair of EuroMRD. He just received the Education & Mentoring award 2024 at the EHA congress in Madrid. Jan, congratulations from EuroMRD!