About EuroMRD

EuroMRD is a global network of >65 MRD-PCR laboratories that organizes MRD Quality Assessment programs and develops new MRD strategies and guidelines.

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RQ-PCR MRD guidelines

EuroMRD has developed guidelines for the interpretation of RQ-PCR MRD data.

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EuroMRD participantship

MRD-PCR laboratories can apply for a EuroMRD participantship if they meet a number of requirements.

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EHA scientific working group logo

ESLHO, together with the independent scientific foundations EuroFlow, EuroClonality and EuroMRD, is an official EHA Scientific Working Group (SWG).

New Methods in Molecular Biology volume on Immunogenetics

The book contains 27 chapters on methods and protocols used in the immunogenetics & MRD fields, with several contributions from EuroMRD groups. The full volume is open access.

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IVDR Workshop videos available online

Lectures from the IVDR Workshop of the 10th ESLHO Symposium (11-12 Nov 2021) are now publicly available.

Playlist accessible via the IVDR useful resources page of the ESLHO website (under Educational videos)

New EuroMRD publication

A new shared publication of EuroMRD and the EuroClonality-NGS Working Group on "Potential and pitfalls of whole transcriptome-based immunogenetic marker identification in acute lymphoblastic leukemia" has been published in Leukemia.

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