EuroMRD participantship

RQ-PCR analysis of Ig/TCR gene rearrangements for quantitative MRD diagnostics in lymphoid malignancies such as ALL or NHL is a highly complex technology which needs extensive knowledge and experience. To become a participant of EuroMRD, an MRD-PCR laboratory needs to meet several requirements, including:

  1. Extensive knowledge of IG/TCR gene rearrangements;
  2. Extensive experience with MRD detection via IG/TCR gene rearrangements or other patient-specific PCR targets at the DNA level;
  3. Position of MRD laboratory: size (personnel), relation to (inter)national treatment protocols, and minimum annual intake of new patients.

The requirements for EuroMRD participantship can be found in the Guidelines for EuroMRD participantship for the different sections: ALL section, NHL section and Ph+ALL section.

Application forms for ALL section, NHL section and Ph+ALL section:

Every two years, the status of the EuroMRD participantship is evaluated.

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